Victor A. Cazares

Victor Cazares

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Wachenheim Science Center Rm 218
At Williams since 2020


B.A. California State University, Los Angeles, Psychology (2007)
M.A. California State University, Los Angeles, Psychology (2009)
Ph.D. University of Michigan, Neuroscience (2015)

Scholarship/Creative Work

Selected Publications:

  1. Turning strains into strengths for understanding psychiatric illness (2020).
    Moore S, Murphy GG, Cazares VA.
    Molecular Psychiatry. PMID: 32404949  | DOI 10.1038/s41380-020-0772-y
  2. Deficits across multiple behavioral domains align with susceptibility to stress in 129S1/SvImJ mice (2020)
    Rodriguez G, Moore SJ, Neff RC, Glass ED, Stevenson TK, Stinnett GS, Seasholtz AF, Murphy GG, Cazares VA
    Neurobiology of Stress. DOI 10.1016/j.ynstr.2020.100262
  3. Neural Plasticity of the Amygdala (2020)
    Cazares VA, Murphy GG
    Handbook of Behavioral Neuroscience. DOI:
  4. Environmental variables that ameliorate extinction learning in the 129S1/SvImJ mouse stain (2019)
    Cazares VA, Rodriguez G, Parent R, Ouilette L, Glanowska K, Moore S, Murphy GG.
    Genes, Brain and Behavior. PMCID: PMC6718342  |  DOI: 10.1111/gbb.12575


My lab is interested in understanding the mechanisms by which memories are encoded, recalled and changed. Specifically we investigate how multiple memories interact, how and why certain memories are endowed with recall priority, and what factors determine the longevity of a memory. Our approaches are based on Operant and Pavlovian theories of learning and complemented with analysis of neural activity using genetics tools and microscopy (e.g. Fos-trapping, chemogenetics, and calcium imaging). We hope to leverage our discoveries (along with those of other researchers) to develop modifications to therapeutic approaches for psychiatric disorders, particularly those that are characterized by deficits in encoding, recalling, or modification of memories.