Safa Zaki

Safa Zaki

Professor of Psychology, Chair of Cognitive Science Program

Psychology Offices and Labs Rm 134


B.A. American University (1989)
M.A. Arizona State University, Psychology (1993)
Ph.D. Arizona State University, Psychology (1996)

Areas of Expertise

Categorization, concept learning, dissociations and memory.


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Scholarship/Creative Work

Selected Publications

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  • Zaki, S.R. & Kleinschmidt, D. (in press). Procedural Memory Effects in Categorization: evidence for multiple systems or task complexity? Memory and Cognition.
  • Zaki, S.R. & Johnson, S. (2013).  The Role of Gaze Direction in Face Memory in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Autism Research, 6, 280-7.
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Current Committees

  • Cognitive Science Program, Chair
  • Cognitive Science Program
  • Committee on Appointments and Promotions