Stephanie A. Cardenas

Photo of Stephanie A. Cardenas

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

Wachenheim Science Center Rm 212


B.A. Williams College (2014)
M.A. John Jay College of Criminal Justice & The Graduate Center, CUNY (2018)
Ph.D. John Jay College of Criminal Justice & The Graduate Center, CUNY (2021)

Areas of Expertise

I am an experimental psychologist interested in the application of social and cognitive psychology to matters of social justice and law. Using an array of rich behavioral methods, such as live and virtual interactions, longitudinal reporting of naturalistic events, and high-stakes laboratory experiments, as well as both qualitative and quantitative measurements, my research seeks to understand how psychological biases operate across the criminal justice system — from alibi generation and lay perceptions of police-civilian altercations to plea decision-making and prosecutorial ethics.
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Scholarship/Creative Work

Selected Representative Works

Cardenas, S.A. (in press). Charged up and anchored down: A test of two pathways to judgmental and decisional anchoring biases in plea negotiations. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law.

Kassin, S.M., Cardenas, S.A., Meterko, V., & Barksdale, F. (in press). Prosecutorial misconduct: Assessment of perspectives from the bench. Court Review

Cardenas, S.A., Crozier, W.E., & Strange, D. (2022). The effect of erroneous alibis. In M. Kienzle & J. Behl (Eds.) Alibis and Corroborators: Psychological, Criminological, and Legal Perspectives. New York, NY: Springer.

Cardenas, S.A., Crozier, W.E., & Strange, D. (2020). Right place, wrong time: The limitations of mental reinstatement of context on alibi-elicitation. Psychology, Crime, and Law.

Balcetis, E., & Cardenas, S.A. (2018). Visual experience in self and social judgment: How a biased majority claim a superior minority. Self & Identity. 18(4), 363-377.