Matthew M. Clasen

I recently received my Ph.D. from American University’s Behavior, Cognition, and Neuroscience program in Washington, DC. In my research at American University, I studied how factors such as age, drug exposure, and diet history influenced the affective properties and intravenous self-administration of abused drugs. Combining each of these factors, my dissertation research found that a long-term history of a Western diet (i.e., a diet high in saturated fats, simple carbohydrates, and refined sugars) increased the intravenous self-administration (and overdose death likelihood) of cocaine. This data provides evidence that the consumption of highly caloric and palatable diets increases the vulnerability of problematic drug intake which has immediate relevance to the obesogenic society in which we live today.

At Williams College, my research will continue to investigate how the long-term consumption of a Western diet influences the intravenous self-administration of other abused drugs (i.e., opioids, prescription psychostimulants, alcohol, etc.). My lab will concurrently evaluate the neural underpinnings of these results, in addition to exploring novel therapeutic interventions.

Scholarship/Creative Work

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Awards, Fellowships & Grants

Belle Haven Country Club: Bag Boy Scholarship Award (November, 2010)

Northern Virginia Community College: Award for Academic Excellence in Psychology (April, 2011)

James Madison University: Centennial Scholarship Program Award (June, 2011)

James Madison University: Outstanding Achievement in Research Award (April, 2013)

James Madison University: Dean’s Award for Best Research Poster (April, 2013)

James Madison University: 11th Annual Colonial Academic Alliance Undergrad Research Conference Award (April, 2013)

James Madison University: National Conference on Undergraduate Research Student Scholarship Award (October, 2013)

American University: Center for Behavioral Neuroscience’s Summer Research Award Recipient. (April, 2017)