Amie Hane

Amie Hane

Associate Professor of Psychology

Brinsmade House
At Williams since 2006


B.A. University of Maryland (1996)
M.A. University of Maryland, Developmental Psychology (1999)
Ph.D. University of Maryland, Developmental Psychology (2002)

Areas of Expertise

I am a developmental psychologist with expertise in developmental neuroscience, parent-infant mental health, and behavioral pediatrics. My research focuses on the social regulation of physiological and behavioral stress responding in infants and children. Using a comparative physiology approach, my work translates animal epigenetic models of postnatal programming to human samples and demonstrates that high quality maternal caregiving behavior is associated with reduced biological and behavioral stress responding in infants and children.

I conduct basic research on caregiving behavior and infant/child stress responding and clinical research as a faculty member of the Nurture Science Program in the Department of Pediatrics at Columbia University Medical Center. Students in my Early Experience and Physiology Laboratory at Williams engage in both types of research, which converge to inform intervention programming designed to reduce the behavioral and health consequences associated with early life stress.


Scholarship/Creative Work

Selected Publications (click author list for pdf)

Professional Affiliations

Visiting Associate Professor
Division of Developmental Neuroscience
Department of Psychiatry
Columbia University Medical Center
New York, NY


Current Committees

  • Neuroscience Program
  • Public Health