Opportunities for Students

Opportunities for psychology majors to engage with professors and the department outside the classroom are many and varied. Research Opportunities afford students the chance to learn about research by doing it in collaboration with professors: as an extracurricular activity, as a paid research assistant, or more intensely, in an independent study course. These research activities may lead to a passion for the work or a particular project, and the pursuit, in senior year, of a year-long Senior Thesis. Other Activities for Psychology Majors include working as a Teaching Assistant, serving on the Department Student Liaison Committee (open to sophomores and above), or joining the 1960’s Scholars Program (for juniors and seniors). All of these activities are briefly described on this site, and the Department Chair, Administrative Assistant, or any faculty member can answer your questions about them – please just ask!

Departmental colloquia run throughout the year, and students are especially welcome and encouraged to attend these. Stay tuned for titles, dates and locations on this web site, the Daily Advisor, and the department listserve, which includes all psychology majors.