Other Activities

Teaching Assistantships

Advanced psychology majors sometimes serve as (paid) Teaching Assistants for Psych 101 and many of the 200-level courses, as well as lab preparations for a few lab courses. These are 5 or 10 hour/week positions and interested students should talk to professors about it before the semester starts or at the very beginning of the semester.

Student Liaison Committee

The Student Liaison Committee (SLC), comprised of approximately 10 juniors and seniors consults about once a month with the department on various issues and policies of interest to students, and they help plan social and advising events. SCL members also play a significant role in hiring; they meet with job candidates for lunch to talk with them about the Psychology Department from the student perspective, and attend all the colloquia for a given search. In the fall each year, students are nominated by faculty for the SLC and then invited to join.

Class of 1960’s Scholars Program

The Class of 1960’s Scholars Program is a program funded by an endowment from the Class of 1960, to encourage students to consider academic careers. In Psychology, the 1960’s Scholars Program works by exposing students through a colloquium series to leading researchers in a variety of areas of psychology. Several speakers are brought to campus each year for a colloquium series that is open to everyone. The juniors and seniors participating in the 1960’s Scholars program read several of the speaker’s papers beforehand, meet with a faculty member as a group prior to the talk to discuss the speaker’s work, attend the colloquium, and join the speaker for an informal reception and dinner following the presentation. Students who are definitely interested in advanced study and or even considering careers in the field are invited to self-nominate for this program in the fall, and are then screened by the faculty.

Stay tuned to the “Events” box on the Psychology Department home page for upcoming colloquia.