After Williams

After Williams, psychology majors take myriad paths. Many graduates pursue professions in education, medicine, business or law. Others put their undergraduate experience and skills in psychology into more unique endeavors such as epidemiological consulting, serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, or coaching college basketball. Postgraduate work experiences, life experiences, and graduate training all factor into career decisions that may, in fact, take many turns after graduation.

A significant number of psychology majors decide either during their time at Williams or after graduation to pursue careers in psychology. Indeed, job opportunities for psychologists are at an all time high, according to various polls and indices. The following pages provide some basic information about the range of Careers in Psychology. While there are some BA level jobs in psychology, for advancement in the field and professional work as a psychologist, a graduate degree (MA, or preferably, a Ph.D.) is needed. The Graduate Study in Psychology page provides some basic information about programs and admissions, as well as helpful links to related web sites.

Jobs and Careers

Graduate School