Academic Advising for 2020-2021

Rising Juniors and Rising Seniors must reserve an advising slot with a faculty member in the psychology department during the week of August 3. Time slots for these 20-min appointments are described below. To sign up, click on the faculty member’s name to go to their appointments page on Google calendar. You may need to advance a week so that you are looking at week of August 3. Note that appointment slots will no longer be visible once another student has reserved it. As such, you are encouraged to sign up early!
Professor – Area of Specialization: Available Times
Shivon Robinson – Neuroscience: August 4 (10 am-12 pm), August 5 (1-3 pm)
Noah Sandstrom – Neuroscience: August 6 (1-3 pm), August 7 (1-3 pm), August 10 (9-11 am), August 12 (1-3 pm)
Kris Kirby – Cognitive: August 4 (2-5 pm) (on Glow, click “Signup sheets” then “Available Openings” and select “Kirby advising for fall 2020”)
Amie Hane – Developmental: August 4 (9:30-10:30 am), August 6 (12:15-1:15 pm), August 7 (10-11 am)
Eliza Congdon – Developmental: August 4 (1:20-2:40 pm), August 6 (10:20-12 pm)
Susan Engel – Developmental/Education: August 7 (10-1 pm)
Steve Fein – Social: August 4 (2-3 pm), August 6 (1:30-3:50 pm)
Ken Savitsky – Social: August 11 (1-4 pm)
Jeremy Cone – Social: August 4 (9-12 pm)
Kate Stroud – Clinical: August 4 (1:20-1:40 pm), August 6 (3:20-4 pm)
From July 22, 2020:
We’re excited to meet with rising senior majors as well as our new majors from the class of 2022! As you may know, the college-wide window for academic advising runs from August 3rd to August 13th. By July 29th, I will post to the department web page a list of each faculty member, their appointment slots, and a link that can be used to reserve one of those slots. Rising seniors have an assigned advisor already and you should sign up in one of their slots. Rising juniors have not yet declared the major so we haven’t assigned you an advisor! You should identify the faculty member with whom you would like to meet. This may be a professor you’ve had a good experience with or one from an area of psychology that overlaps with your own interests in the field (or both!). Note that we are all very knowledgeable about the major and the field so you should feel comfortable speaking with any of the psychology faculty members. Once you meet with one of us, you will be able to complete the “major declaration form” that is required by the registrar’s office.
In preparation for your advising meeting, I encourage you to review the major requirements (101, 201, three 200s, three 300s, one 400), reflect on your interests within the field, and consider your short and long term goals. You should then review the course catalog (available August 3) and think about what courses interest you.
Note that you will be able to register for 3 courses during pre-registration and may add a fourth beginning August 26. Note, also, that course caps on several of our courses have been reduced so you are encouraged to think about back-up plans should one of your desired courses be overenrolled.
I hope you are excited to resume your academics and we’re excited to see you again — whether in person or on the computer. Check the departmental website beginning July 29 for further details on signing up with an advisor. If you have questions or concerns between now and the preregistration/advising period, you are welcome to email me at [email protected].