About Us

Welcome to Psychology at Williams College

The discipline of psychology is dedicated to the scientific study of mind and behavior.

Psychology is the fastest growing undergraduate major in the country, and provides a rich body of knowledge, issues and interesting questions for students who major in the field as well as for those seeking to enhance their general liberal arts education. Psychology at Williams is represented by 16 faculty members whose subfields include behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, developmental psychology, the psychology of education, and social psychology.

Our goal as engaged professors, active researchers and mentors is to convey to students a sense of the excitement in psychology today. We seek to achieve this goal not only through coursework, but also by providing opportunities for students to think critically about, and actually become involved in, research — from the very first course in psychology through the senior year.

Psychology as a discipline exists within a web of related fields, including biology and neuroscience, women’s and gender studies, cognitive science, ethnic studies and other related programs. Many Psychology majors choose to double major or concentrate in a program. Psychology faculty have been centrally involved with several Interdisciplinary Programs at Williams including: Cognitive Science, Leadership Studies, Justice and Law, Neuroscience, and the Program in Teaching.